Your Parish Council is here to support you during these uncertain times, please seek further advice where you can, using the links provided, or contacting us or your local volunteer group below.  

Remember Link to WSCC COVID19

Click HERE for the latest updates on vaccinations 

This page has a number of areas that will interest you. Firstly, you can sign up to the regular newsletter which gives an overview of the data across West Sussex along with simple steps for keeping safe. Secondly, there is the Keep West Sussex Safe section which gives you the latest government guidelines. Finally, there is a section called ‘Keep West Sussex Safe campaign resources’ and here you can find example social media posts that you can literally cut and paste. There are also These are the same messages we are sending along with posters than you can download

The main request is to keep repeating this simple key message

Hands – Wash your hands more regularly for at least 20 seconds

Face – Wear a face covering when in public spaces

Space – observe social distancing

Please do put a link on your website to the West Sussex link above and add it or the hands/face/space key message to the bottom of your outgoing emails. Thank you for your continued help and support.

For those setting up voluntary groups please see guidance below - LOCAL COMMUNITY ACTION VOLUNTEERING SCHEME POLICY (LCAV)

This policy follows Government guidance. It will be reviewed daily for the duration of the Covid-19 outbreak and the implementation of the LCAV Scheme.

A, “Volunteer” means anyone offering support to a Service User under the Local Community Action Volunteering (LCAV) Scheme; “Service User” means anyone receiving support from a Volunteer under the LCAV Scheme. Volunteers could be registered with the Local Residents Assoc or Parish Council to avoid opportunist, scammers etc

Click here for Slaugham Parish Council Volunteering Scheme Policy

Slaugham C19 Voluntary Group Battle Grants Fund is available for registered volunteer groups, please click here for more information.  Please click here for the a copy of the Slaugham EMERGENCY Grants Policy. There are other grants available from the District Council please click the link below for more information. There is also a more global approach below. 

What is Covid Mutual Aid UK?

Covid Mutual Aid UK is a group of volunteers supporting local community groups organising mutual aid throughout the covid-19 outbreak in the UK. We focus on providing resources and connecting people to their nearest local groups, willing volunteers and those in need. Click on the Link for more information

Coronavirus (COVID-19): UK government response

Please click on the link for some advice from the NHS

Public Health England PHE provide useful links related to the COVID 19 outbreak that may assist you during this difficult time we are all facing.

Each village has a network of volunteers looking to assist you if you are feeling vulnerable. Please contact us here so we can connect you. 

Handcross Volunteer COVID-19 Support Group

If you need any assistance during this time to collect your shopping, walk your dog or pick up your medication we have a organised and network of approved volunteers that could help you? 

Please click on the flyer here. These have been delivered throughout the village by our excellent volunteers. 

For more details please Cllr Lesley Read here, and/or Sharon Sharman here who is coordinating the volunteers.  Please click here and this will take you to the Facebook Page Support Group in Handcross.  

The Handcross Covid-19 Neighbour Support Group are an informal group of local volunteers who are joining together for the benefit of all. Beneficiaries should be aware that volunteers are not DBS checked and have no medical, or specialist training. All volunteers are simply kind, community minded individuals who want to help out their neighbours at this time of crisis. As such common sense should be used by both volunteers and beneficiaries to keep everyone safe. The admins and organisers accept no liability or responsibility for damage or loss of property, infection or other issues resulting from contact between volunteers and beneficiaries.

Pease Pottage Volunteer COVID-19 Support Group 

Pease Pottage Residents' Association has built up a wonderful community spirit in recent years, with neighbours and friends meeting mainly through social events.  A group of these people have now come forward to volunteer help and assistance for Pease Pottage residents who are self isolating and in need of help with shopping, dog walking, or perhaps feeling lonely and wanting a chatty and supportive phone call.
If you contact us we will always give you details of who has offered to help you, and to put you in contact with someone you already know wherever possible. Please be assured we only deal with genuine, helpful, and local people from our neighbourhood. All help is offered within reason, within safe limits, and free of charge.
Contact: Lorette Holborn, Slaugham Parish Councillor 
- if you need help collecting a prescription or medication from Ouse Valley. 
Email:  Tel: 07771 193284 and leave a message (name and number) if Lorette is unable to pick up your call. 
Or Carol Whiteford, Secretary of Pease Pottage Residents Association  Email:  Tel 01293 553447 

Warninglid Volunteer COVID-19 Support Group

Spearheaded by the Warninglid Residents Society, Warninglid responded rapidly to provide additional support needed by some residents in the village. Before the lockdown period started leaflet was prepared and delivered to every household in the village. This was followed with a series of online meetings to establish the support group and formulate our response.

Amongst its activities, the support group has been providing collections of prescription medicines, food shopping, sharing of information about the availability of fresh food in particular from local small businesses, and importantly reaching out to older residents and those living alone on a regular basis, just for a chat. 

We have established a WhatsApp group that has been both popular and effective. For example it has enabled those with sewing skills to co-ordinate an effort to provide the NHS with laundry sack, face mask band and other vital items. The WhatsApp group has also organised book and DVD swaps and online exercise classes.

In addition to Whatsapp, we are using email lists and 1-to-1 phone calls to keep everyone informed. Anyone needing assistance should use the email address below in the first instance.  

We are also happy to liaise with other local groups, so if there is anything we can do together, please do get in touch. Please contact


Below are some useful links to local networks available to you

Do remember, there are some useful tips and advice online to help you cope if you are feeling anxious about Corona virus and also to help you with staying at home.

If you have any questions or queries you can email