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Your Parish Council
Slaugham Parish Council is one of the smaller local authorities (usually known as Parish Councils). There are thirteen seats, ten for the Handcross & Pease Pottage Ward and three for the Slaugham and Warninglid Ward. They are elected for four years. The next elections are being held on the 4th May 2027 more information can be found here

The Council raises a 'precept' on council tax payers to cover the running expenses. For the year 2023/24 the precept is £139,000. The Parish Council has more powers to do things for the benefit of the Parish than is generally realised. These powers can be seen on the Powers of Local Authorities page.

There are two allotment sites, the one in Handcross is owned by the Parish Council and the other Warninglid is leased from the District Council.

In addition it owns land at the rear of West Park Road, Handcross and is also the owner of the recreation ground in Handcross (which has two excellent football pitches) and a Pavilion which was refurbished in 2019. We also built a new centre in 2019 MacNaughton Hall, Finches Field,  Pease Pottage please take a look at halls for hire page. The Council acquired a parcel of land behind the allotments that is also within their purview and will be looking to introduce a community garden or similar sometime within the next year, the new name for the site is Knapes Garden. 

The Parish Council has two playgrounds, one at the Handcross Recreation ground providing play provision for toddlers and older children plus a half basketball court. There is also a Petanque Piste (Boules or French Bowls). We have a youth team playing at Handcross Recreation Ground, we also have a new Croquet Club starting in April 2023. The second playground is in the village of Slaugham on Park Road.

The Parish Council is also responsible for all the Common Land alongside the Village Green in Slaugham by St Mary's Church and the Heritage, we also have the green opposite the Black Swan and surrounding area in Pease Pottage.

In addition to these facilities the Parish Council also provides and maintains some of the street lighting in the Parish and makes provision for litter bins, public seats, notice boards and Bus shelters. The Parish Council also provides additional street cleaning facilities by the provision of litter pickers.

The Parish Council works closely with the Police and Neighbourhood watch to provide information to the residents and to take up any relevant problems with the police authorities.

The Parish Council has power to make comments on all planning applications within the four villages but the Mid Sussex District Council makes any final decision, taking into account the views of this Parish Council. The Parish Council will work with larger councils 'District and County Council' to agree which services they will be in charge of. Parish Councils are also the focal point for local consultation on matters such as planning applications, strategic planning, schools and roads. On all these issues the parish councillors represent the parish's views to other authorities such as district and county councils.

County Council
These are responsible for services across the whole of a county or city, like education, transport, planning, fire and public safety, social care, libraries, waste management and trading standards etc.

District Councils
District and borough councils cover a smaller area than county or city councils. They are usually responsible for services like rubbish collection and recycling, council tax collection,planning and housing etc.