Meetings, Minutes & Agendas 
Council meetings are held on the last Thursday of each month except during 
August and December, when there are no Council meetings.
However, at times these dates can be subject to change for reasons
beyond our control, so please check our news feed for any changes made. 
Planning Committee meetings are normally held on a Thursday twice a month.
Please go to our Committees page for Recreation, Planning and Finance  
Meetings are held at 7.30pm,
             in the Sports Pavillion, Recreation Ground, High Street, Handcross, RH17 6BJ 
Pease Pottage Community Centre, Finches Field, Old Brighton Road, Pease Pottage 
Please check the agenda for update information 

Any additional Committees may be called at any time, depending on requirements. Please check here or the Parish notice boards for updates.

Annual Parish Meeting -  Is held between 1st March- 1st June  -  The Council's Annual Reports are given and often there maybe a speaker on an interesting subject.

Annual General Meeting - Is held in May 
This is when the meeting dealing with the election of Chairman, Vice Chairman and Committees for the ensuing year will be held. 
To view minutes please click on the links below, for previous years, please contact the ClerkYou will require Adobe Acrobat Reader to see them. This can be downloaded for free by clicking here.
To view planning agendas and minutes please click here. Planning applications will only be viewable online via the Mid Sussex District Council Planning Portal.
You can sign up and log in to the Planning Portal to view existing plans and also receive updates and notifications of new applications in your area. To find out more please click here

A meeting of the Council to conduct urgent, or necessary business may be called in accordance with the regulations above and will be advertised here and on the news feed. Committee meetings called will be advertised in the same way.

The Minutes will remain in DRAFT until approved and signed at the next convenient meeting.

COVID 19 - Parish Meetings 
Due to changes in legislation Council meetings will now be held face to face. To keep everyone safe we ask you to note
we politely ask that you inform us that you plan on attending so we can organise our venue accordingly:
·            Do not come if you feel unwell at all
·            Raise your hand to make yourself seen.
·            Chairs will be laid out spaced apart, please do not move them
·            A single toilet will be available for attendees
·            The windows and doors will be open for ventilation so wrap up warm!
·            If you cannot attend and you would like to raise an issue or make a comment, please contact the clerk
GDPR Notice - Please note that the Council is making audio and or video recordings of this meeting. The Council’s recordings are used for administrative purposes only. By participating at the meeting, by requesting access you consent to this. If you do not agree please do not join the meeting. The Council will be enabling teams access if you wish to join please contact the Clerk.

AGENDA 2022 

The next meeting of Council will be held on

28th April 2022 AGENDA


27th January 2022 

24th February 2022 

31st March 2022 DRAFT

Meeting Dates 2022

27th January 2022 DRAFT

24th February 2022

31st March 2022

28th April 2022

Annual General Meeting 

Annual Parish Meeting  

28th July 2022

August No Meeting  

 29th September 2022

27th October 2022

24th November 2022 

 December NO MEETING


28th January 2021 

25th February 2021 

 25th March 2021 

4th May 2021 Annual Meeting

27th May 2021  

 29th July 2021 CANCELLED 

12th August 

30th September 2021 

28th October 2021 CANCELLED

 25th November 2021 

 December NO MEETING


23rd January 2020

27th February 2020 

26th March 2020 


2nd July 2020

 27th August 2020 

24th September 2020 

29th October 2020 

26th November 2020



24th January 

28th February

 28th March 

 25th April  

16th May Annual General Meeting 

 27th June 

1st August 

3rd October 

 7th November 

5th December


  25th JANUARY

 8th March FEBRUARY

29th March MARCH 

26th April 2018 APRIL 

24th May 2018 Annual Parish Meeting 

31st March 2018 Annual General Meeting

28th June 2018 JUNE

 26th July 2018 JULY 

No Meeting August 

 27th September 2018 SEPTEMBER 

 25th October 2018 OCTOBER

29th November 2018 NOVEMBER

December No Meeting 

MINUTES - 2017 







29th JUNE

27th JULY


28th September

26th October

30th November 2017


If you have a problem with the links on this page, or require minutes older than are listed here please email the clerk