Planning Committee

Cllr's Eric Prescott (Chair), Bob St George, Lesley Read, Lorette Holborn co opted member Ken Boyle

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The role of the Council's Planning Committee in planning decisions

  • The Planning Authority is Mid Sussex District Council who has the final decision on whether planning permissions are granted or refused.
  • The Parish Council is a Statutory Consultee, which means that MSDC must ask for its opinion and take it into account, but not necessarily follow its recommendation. (The District Council or the Planning Inspectorate at Appeal can grant permission against the wishes of the Parish Council.)
  • The Committee should take account of local planning policies, as detailed in the MSDC Local Plan. 
  • It should take account of the emerging neighbourhood plan.
  • Members of the public attending Committee meetings are given the opportunity to speak on matters on the agenda, but should follow the procedures set down in the Council's Standing Orders.

Planning Applications

To check the current status and details of any planning application within the Mid Sussex Online Planning Register, click here

It is helpful if you have the planning application reference number (such as DM/18/5065), but you can search on addresses and postcodes.

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The Planning Committee considers Planning Applications, deals with street lighting, Highways and Emergency Planning.  

Consider any matter relating to protection of highways, footways, footpaths or bridleways within the Parish and to report any problems or recommendations to the appropriate authority.

Matters relating to public transport facilities within the Parish and to report any problems or recommendations to the appropriate authority.

To review the provision of and to be responsible for the regular maintenance and occasional replacement or other work on the following items of Council property: Bus Shelters,  notice boards, village seats, litter bins and dog waste bins.

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