Council Committees 

The Chairman and Vice Chairman are ex officio of all committees.
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Planning Committee
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Cllrs (Chair) Eric Prescott, Bob St George, Lesley Read, Lorette Holborn Co opted Member Ken Boyle 
The Planning Committee considers Planning Applications, deals with street lighting, Highways and Emergency Planning. These meetings will now be held on the first Thursday of the Month every Month throughout the year unless prior notice is given.  

Recreation Committee
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Cllr's Lesley Read, Julia Elliott, Lorette Holborn and co opted members Ken Boyle, Simeon Johnson Martyn Lloyd and Andy Musgrove 
The Recreation Committee deals with all matters concerning the Recreation Grounds, Children's playgrounds and Allotments.

Finance and Policy Committee
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Cllr's Michael Earle,(Chair), Julia Elliott, Bob St George, Eric Prescott, David Dunn and Lorette Holborn -This Committee deals with finance matters, proposals for budgets, projects etc. and policy matters

Sub Committee GDPR/Legal/Procedural/Data Protection/Freedom of Information - 2 member of Finance and the Clerk. This committee makes recommendations to Finance & Policy Committee. 

Neighbourhood Plan Committee

Cllrs Eric Prescott, Julie Elliott. Lesley Read, Bob St George and Lorette Holborn    

Mid Sussex District Council, as the local planning authority, designated a Neighbourhood Area for the whole Slaugham Parish area in September 2012 to enable Slaugham Parish Council to prepare the ‘Slaugham Parish Neighbourhood Plan' (SPNP).
The SPNP will contain a variety of policies and infrastructure proposals, including determining the level, location, type and phasing of new housing development as well as new community facilities, public open spaces and village centre improvements. For more information please click here or go to the tab at the top of this page.

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