Please find below the table of representations made during the consultation stages of the REGULATION 14 Draft Neighbourhood Plan

Representations received in response to the Pre-submission consultation on the Slaugham Neighbourhood Plan, have highlighted concern with the allocation of housing sites in the Parish.

The District Plan confirms the preparation of Neighbourhood Plans is part of the overall strategy for the delivery of housing across the District. It sets out a spatial framework for Parishes preparing neighbourhood plans and identifies a minimum number of houses required in a Parish over the Plan period. It is acknowledged the District Plan does not require Slaugham to identify further growth on top of windfall growth.

The Parish Council have positively prepared the Slaugham Neighbourhood, which is supported by a robust evidence base, and on balance wish to support modest growth in the Parish over the life time of the Plan.  This approach is supported by MSDC for two reasons:

  1. The District Plan’s housing numbers are minima, and therefore exceeding those is regarded as positive planning; and
  2. The intention of the Parish to allocate a total of 65 units at St Martins Close, Handcross will make a valuable contribution to meeting local housing need, in a relatively sustainable location.

 A full copy of MSDC’s response is available on the following link.

MSDC Regulation 14 Response 

Please see attached link to the Mid Sussex District Plan

Regulation 14 Table of Consultation Comments 

Statutory Stakeholders 

Stakeholders Policy 11 St Martin Close (east) and Policy 12 St Martins Close (west) & Housing

Stakeholders General


The Draft Plan Regulation 14 Consultation 

The Slaugham Parish Neighbourhood Plan Pre-Submission Consultation 13th November until the 8th January 2018

The Flyer advertising the Regulation 14 Pre Submission Consultation was hand delivered to every household within the Parish. Advertised in the Local Newspaper, Notice boards, banners, Council website and issued to Resident Associations and Local Action Groups click on Flyer above for more information.


Dear Consultee

Please find below the links to the Slaugham Parish Neighbourhood Pre Submission Plan and associated documents in full for your consideration.

Slaugham Neighbourhood Draft Submission Plan

Slaugham Neighbourhood Plan Sustainability Appraisal 

Supporting Documentation 

Housing Needs Consideration Report 

Parish Housing Land Availability Assessment  22nd March 2018 - Alteration to include two additional sites that came forward during the regulation 14 consultation stages, please click on link below for more information. 

Additions to PHLAA New Sites

For further evidence please click here 

Any representation on the Plan should be made in writing to the Parish Clerk as follows:

The Clerk, Slaugham Parish Council, 2 Coltstaple Cottages, Coltstaple Lane, Horsham, West Sussex, RH13 9BB - or sent by email to the Clerk  

Please note that any comments/questions received during this period will not be responded to until the consultation period has ended. 

IMPORTANT - If you have submitted your representation and not received confirmation of receipt then please let us know.