Neighbourhood Plan News 

The Slaugham Neighbourhood Plan was Made by Council on Wednesday evening, 25th September 2019.

The District Council congratulated the Parish Council and Steering group on their commitment and hard work in delivering their Neighbourhood Plan.

It is recognised that this is an important milestone for both the Parish Council and the District Council. The Slaugham Neighbourhood Plan will now sit alongside the Mid Sussex District Plan when assessing planning applications in the parish of Slaugham.

Click on the link to see the made neighbourhood plan 

Referendum Result

Please click on the link for the declaration of poll for the Slaugham Neighbourhood Plan referendum. 

Slaugham Declaration of Result

Referendum 25th July 2019

We have done the work, we have listened to what you have said, it's now your turn to vote on the plan at the Referendum on the 25th July 2019. Give your Parish, your village the voice it needs

A copy of the plan can be found here Please click here for the independent examiners report.

If you have any questions on the plan etc, then please contact one of the team, we are happy to help


The Examiner has approved the plan The next step will be to vote on the plan at a referendum. Please click here for the independent examiners report. 

May 2019

We're in Examination To receive find out more take a look at the District Council pages here

Submission Plan

7th January 2019

7th January 2019 - A polite reminder has been issued to all those that have previously commented on the plan, that the consultation period closes at midnight on Monday 14th January.  

2nd January 2019 - The Parish Council have been made aware of a flyer that has been distributed by the Handcross Action Group (HAG) to some of those that live in Handcross, this has been forwarded to the officers at MSDC, it is not considered as a formal representation.  

8th December 2018 - Regulation 16 Poster 

19th November 2018 - Please see our submission page for the latest on the progress of the neighbourhood plan 

15th November 2018 MSDC Planning Policy Update Regulation 16 Consultation

Publication of the Slaugham Neighbourhood Development Plan Consultation 

Regulation 16 – The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 and the Localism Act 2011.

Slaugham Parish Council has submitted its Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) for independent Examination.

Consultation on the Submission (Regulation 16) version of the Neighbourhood Plan is taking place from 9:00am Monday 19th November 2018 until Midnight Monday 14th January 2019. Please click here for more information.

14th November 2018 Regulation 16 Consultation Dates  

Mid Sussex District Council has published the submitted Slaugham NDP for consultation in accordance with Part 5 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012. Please click here for more information. 

October - November 2018

The Plan is now with MSDC who are performing the next stages of checks ready for Regulation 16 Consultation. Please check back here for dates.  

August - September 2018 

The Council are currently reviewing and feeding back their comments on the observations made on the draft plan by the officers at MSDC (see Evidence Page). Any amendments considered will be ratified at the meeting scheduled for the 27th September.

23rd July 2018

The Draft Plan Review - Mid Sussex District Council 

At a meeting held on the 23rd July 2018 MSDC Planning Officers provided SPC with comments on the draft neighbourhood plan. Attached is a review of those comments and proposed actions for consideration by Council. Any changes agreed will be ratified at the next convenient meeting and updated here. 

MSDC comments 230718

Strategic Gap Boundaries

22nd May 2018

In response to further informal meetings held with Handcross Action Group (HAG) in relation to questions raised surrounding future housing allocation in the Parish,  please see the attached briefing note prepared that clarifies the allocation, by clicking on the link or go to our Evidence page. 

12th May 2018

The next meeting is scheduled for the Thursday 17th May 2018, where the committee will discuss the submission documents for the next statutory stages of the Plan, click here for the agenda. 

18th April 2018 

The draft consultation comments are available on the Draft Plan Consultation tab of the Neighbourhood Plan page please click here 

22nd January 2018

The public consultation on the draft plan has now closed. The Committee with their planning consultations are currently reviewing the representations made.

4th January 2018 

The Draft Plan Regulation 14 Consultation period has been extended to the 22nd January 2018. Please click on here for more information.

Please go to the Draft Plan Consultation pages for how to make your representation.  

3rd January 2018 

Handcross Action Group Flyer - An additional flyer distributed to the residents of West Park Road and St Martin Close click here 

19th December 2017

Below is a statement produced by the Councils Planning Consultants in response to a flyer issued by the Handcross Actions Group in relation to the Slaugham Draft Neighbourhood Plan.  

Handcross Action Group Flyer - Consultant Response Regulation 14 

Handcross Action Group Flyer  

The SPCNHP Committee have scheduled a Public Meeting so that residents can ask questions in relation to Policy 11/12 Please click here for the agenda or visit our Meetings page.  

13th November 2017

The draft plan is complete. The residents of the Slaugham, Mid Sussex District and the Statutory Bodies have been informed and will be commenting on the Plan. 

The Consultation will open on the 13th November until the 8th January, please click on the flyer here Draft Plan Regulation 14 Consultation Flyer

7th & 8th April 2017

Public Consultation 7th and 8th of April 2017

The Neighbourhood Plan Committee held an open exhibition to view the assessed sites as part of the call for sites for the parishes view and opinions, for the results of that consultation please visit the evidence page.

Flyer NHP Site Exhibition April 2017 

27th February 2015

Work continues on the Neighbourhood Plan, as it does in parishes across Mid Sussex. Cuckfield's residents have voted for their NHP, which now forms part of planning law affecting their parish, and Hurstpierpoint & Sayer's Common's NHP went to referendum on 12th February 2015.

The residents of Hurstpierpoint & Sayer's Common voted 92.4% in favour of their plan, with a turn out of 42%, which means that their NHP will now become the formal planning guidance for the Parish.

Once the Slaugham Parish Council NHP Committee have completed the early, necessary statutory work on the Scoping Report and Sustainability Appraisal, we will be consulting everyone on the policies, plans and aims - the vision for the parish in the future - that should be in our revised NHP.

Update January 2015

Work continues on our Parish Neighbourhood Plan; there was a meeting of the NHP Committee on 1st December and the first of 2015 took place on 5th January.

The committee is now back to full strength with a total of 14 volunteers from the Parish as follows: 6 representing Handcross, 4 representing Pease Pottage and 2 each from Slaugham and Warninglid.

A meeting took place in December with MSDC regarding the work that has taken place so far on the Scoping Report for the Sustainability Appraisal, and we are pleased that this stage of the Plan has been reported as positive and near to completion.
The dates for the next NHP Committee meetings, which are held at The Pavillion, Handcross at 7:30pm are 2nd February 2015 and 2nd March 2015. Members of the public are always welcome to attend.

Debra Logan- Chair, Neighbourhood Planning Committee, Parish Council
Sue Hance- Chair, Slaugham

Update November 2014

The latest meeting took place on 6th November, after having to be postponed from the planned date of 3/11/14, and was attended by 11 committee members. There were also 11 members of the public present. A new vice chair was appointed and a 4thmember from Pease Pottage was co-opted to the committee. Due to one member having to step down, there is now one VACANCY for a member from HANDCROSS.

Work has actively been ongoing regarding the Scoping Report for the Sustainability Appraisal, which will soon be passed to MSDC for their input. It was discussed, and is recognised, how important it is for the Parish to ‘push on’ with the process, in order to get our NH Plan ‘made’. Without a NH Plan in place, there is very little defence against development in the Parish, as the recent Pease Pottage Golf Range appeal has shown – the appeal has been allowed and now 95 houses are due to be built on that site.

To register for news emails regarding the Neighbourhood Plan, go to the Slaugham Parish Council Website's home page (, click on the green 'Subscriptions Services' button.
You are then presented with three options, the page will display two blue buttons and at the bottom of the page a form to enter your name and email address. Then select the appropriate blue button and on the page presented to you enter your name and email details in the form which asks for the same information as previously noted.

The date for the last meeting of 2014, which is held at The Pavillion, Handcross at 7:30pm is 1st December. Members of the public are always welcome to attend.

Debra Logan- Chair, Neighbourhood Planning Committee, Parish Council
Sue Hance- Chair, Slaugham

Update October 2014

The NP Committee met on 29th Sept to go through an update of the work that is being carried out regarding the Sustainability Appraisal, as well as the Vision and Objectives for the Slaugham Neighbourhood Plan. It is important that the views of the Parish lead this and so careful work has been done to ensure that the comments that were collected at the start of the previous plan have been used as the basis of the documents.

A discussion took place regarding the exhibitions which took place on 5th and 6th Sept run by The Hyde regarding a proposal they brought forward to increase the size of recreation land by using land at Warren Cottage Field in Handcross. Both dates were attended by SPC Councillors to listen to the comments. Overall it was commented that there seemed to be a lack of ‘younger’ people giving their views.

The dates for the next 2 meetings, which are held at The Pavillion, Handcross at 7:30pm are 3rd November and 1st December. Members of the public are always welcome to attend.

Debra Logan- Chair, Neighbourhood Planning Committee, Parish Council
Sue Hance- Chair, Slaugham

Update September 2014

The September meeting of the NP Committee took place on 1/9/14 and was attended by 10 members. The members have been actively discussing and planning writing the Vision and Objectives for the NP, as well as undertaking research into the Sustainability Appraisal.

There has been an option brought forward by The Hyde to increase the size of recreation land by using land at Warren Cottage Field in Handcross. The Hyde opted to hold 2 exhibitions for the Parish (5th & 6th Sept) to view this option. Councillors were present at both exhibitions to listen to the views being expressed. The website for the proposal is

The dates for the next 2 meetings, which are held at The Pavillion, Handcross at 7:30pm are 29th September and 3rd November. Members of the public are always welcome to attend.

Debra Logan- Chair, Neighbourhood Planning Committee, Parish Council
Sue Hance- Chair, Slaugham

Update August 2014

In 2012/2013, Slaugham Parish Council (SPC) produced a Neighbourhood plan (NHP) for the four villages comprising the Parish (Handcross, Pease Pottage, Slaugham and Warninglid). The Plan, although described by the Independent Examiner in September 2013 to be “a good example of positive planning”, did not meet all the requirements of EU legislation and needed further work.

Whilst this was a setback, the Parish needs a Neighbourhood plan to control development. SPC has therefore taken advice from the District Council and the Department of Communities and Local Government, and debated the issue at a public meeting. This has resulted in a decision that work should begin again. The NHP Committee has therefore been tasked to produce that NHP, take it to Examination and a referendum of the Parish.

A new Committee has been formed with a new Chairman (Debra Logan), and revised terms of reference. To make it more representative of the Parish population it now has 6 members from Handcross, 4 from Pease Pottage and 2 each from Warninglid and Slaugham.

Currently all of the parishes in Mid Sussex are working on NHPs and to assist Parishes with these Mid Sussex has appointed a Neighbourhood Planning Officer. The current advice from MSDC is that all Parishes within MSDC need an NHP in place as soon as possible as MSDC will not be able to demonstrate an overall five year land supply until their new District Plan is in place (mid 2015 at the earliest). As a result without a NHP our Parish remains vulnerable to any development.

All planning applications that have been approved for the Parish, including the Hyde/Hallam proposal in Handcross and the Redrow development at Pease Pottage, will figure in the plan. All previous proposals for sites in the published
plan are therefore no longer current, and all sites will be re-examined.

The aim of the plan is to set a development strategy for housing, tackle important environmental, social and economic issues, traffic calming, preservation of green space and the countryside, provision of necessary facilities including a replacement for the Parish Hall etc. for the whole Parish Just because any proposed development is not in your back yard does not mean it will not affect you.

Public consultations on the revised plan will take place later this year and early next year. The committee meets regularly on the first Monday of each month in the Handcross Pavilion, at 7.30pm. All residents are welcome to attend
. Regular updates on progress will appear in the Parish Magazine.

The NHP will affect us all and you have an opportunity to be involved and make your voices heard.

Unless you make your wants and needs known, that can not happen. So please help us create the plan that you, the residents of the parish, want.

Debra Logan- Chair, Neighbourhood Planning Committee, Parish Council
Sue Hance- Chair, Slaugham