Please see our submission pages for more information on the next stages of consultation.

September 2018

Amendments resolved at full Council 27th September 2018. Please see table below. 

Slaugham NPWG Comments APPROVED 0918 

August - September 2018 

The Council are currently reviewing and feeding back their comments on the observations made on the draft plan by the officers at MSDC (see below). Any amendments considered will be ratified at the meeting scheduled for the 27th September.

23rd July 2018

The Draft Plan Review - Mid Sussex District Council

At a meeting held on the 23rd July 2018 MSDC Planning Officers provided SPC with comments on the draft neighbourhood plan. Attached is a review of those comments and proposed actions for consideration by Council. Any changes agreed will be ratified at the next convenient meeting and updated here.

MSDC comments 230718   Strategic Gap Boundaries

22nd May 2018 In response to further informal meetings held with Handcross Action Group (HAG) in relation to questions raised surrounding future housing allocation in the Parish please see the attached briefing note prepared that clarifies the allocation by clicking on the link  or see attached 

Slaugham Neighbourhood Plan - Housing Need 

December 2017 The SPCNHP Committee scheduled a Public Meeting so that residents could ask questions in relation to Policy 11/12 Please click here for the notes or visit our Meetings page. 

November 17 - January 18 Below is a statement produced by the Councils Planning Consultants in response to a flyer issued by the Handcross Actions Group in relation to the Slaugham Draft Neighbourhood Plan.  

Handcross Action Group Flyer - Consultant Response Regulation 14

Handcross Action Group Flyer  

After further engagement incorporating the feedback from the exhibitions etc the plan was prepared for pre submission Regulation 14. A flyer notifying residents was hand delivered to the residents of all four villages. It was advertised on notice boards, banners strategically positioned, the Council's website along with an advert in the local newspaper. it was emailed to the residents associations. The notice gave all the relevant information on how to respond/make representation on the plan, please see the draft plan page or click here 

July  2017 - The draft SNP and the Sustainability Appraisal (SA) was provided to Mid Sussex District Council for informal review in July 2017 prior to public consultation. Comments were received in August 2017 and the SNP and SA were subsequently updated. A summary of feedback from the District Council, and the associated changes made in light of this. The Pre-sbmission SNP (Regulation 14) and accompanying SA were formally published for consultation between 13 November 2017 and 22 January 2018

June 2017 The Slaugham Parish Sustainability Appraisal (SA)  report is in respect of the Regulation 14 Pre Submission Consultation Draft of the Slaugham Neighbourhood Plan (SNP) - The purpose of this SA is to assess whether the Slaugham Neighbourhood Plan (SNP) may have effects on a range of sustainability topics and consider alternatives and mitigation to reduce any negative impact. The SA has been carried out by independent consultantsSlaugham NP Sustainability Appraisal

25th May 2017 - Site Allocation Briefing Note 250517  - This briefing note provides an update on the District Plan Examination and a summary of the evidence base documents, which support the Slaugham Neighbourhood Plan (SNP). The evidence base documents have informed the recommendations of the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group with respect to housing need and housing allocations.

Public Consultation 7th and 8th of April 2017 Flyer - The Neighbourhood Plan Committee held an open exhibition to view the assessed sites as part of the call for sites for the parishes view and opinions. The flyer was hand delivered to the residents of Slaugham Parish, issued to local resident associations, placed on local notice boards, banners, local newspaper and the Council's website, for the results of that consultation please click on the link below. Site Exhibition April 2017 

The Site Assessment May 2017. Housing sites assessed SA

All the sites except those with planning permission/resolution to grant were assessed against the objectives of the Sustainability Appraisal (SA) as detailed in the Scoping Report. Housing Sites May 2017

January 2017 - Members of the Committee met with Mid Sussex District Council MSDC - Update on the Examination Hearings or the emerging District Plan and implications on the SNP.  review the SPNHP Housing Needs Consideration Report/PHLAA and site exhibitions planned.

December 2016 Housing Needs Consideration Report Housing Needs Consideration Report  

December 2016/September 2017 Slaugham Parish Housing Land Availability Assessment  Slaugham Parish Housing Land Availability Assessment PHLAA 

 Other Supporting Documentation 

For previous evidence and information in relation to the Neighbourhood Plan for Slaugham Parish please click on link http://spcnhp.blogspot.co.uk/


National Planning Policy Framework

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Slaugham Parish Council Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report (Feb 2015)

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Assessed Sites - MSDC 2015 Document
Slaugham Parish Council NHP Housing Numbers (10/06/15)