Mid Sussex District Council Benefits

Benefits & Council Tax Support

This page provides an overview of the benefits available. There are two types of benefits available, housing benefit and council tax support.

Council Tax Support

Council Tax Support is a benefit given out by local Councils. The scheme provides help with Council Tax payments in two ways.

Main Council Tax Support

This is the most common form of support. This helps people on low income pay their Council Tax.

Second Adult Rebate for Mid Sussex District Council

This is not based on your needs, but on the income of certain adults in your household.

The rebate should pay the Council Tax payer for the loss of a discount due to a “second adult” being added to the home.

If you are eligible for both types of council tax support, then you will be awarded the higher amount.

Please note that this benefit is applicable only to pension age Council Tax payers.

Further information on Council Tax Support & Housing Benefit

Housing Benefit

The Housing Benefit Scheme is a means tested benefit that is given out by local Councils. The purpose of the scheme is to make sure that people have enough money to afford to pay the rent of suitable housing. 

If you are on a low income and you rent your home then you may be able to get Housing Benefit. You may also be eligible if you are on a part buy part rent scheme.

You cannot usually get Housing Benefit if you live in a close relative’s household and you cannot get Housing Benefit if you own your home or to help with mortgage payments. 

Further information on Council Tax Support & Housing Benefit

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