Southern Water logo Southern Water is responsible for incoming water into the area and during 2012 water meters became compulsory in the area. Information on the service they provide can be found on their website www.southernwater.co.uk

 South East Water logo South East Water is responsible for outgoing waste water in the area. Information on the service they provide can be found on their website www.southeastwater.co.uk

Saving Water
In the current climate water is a going concern and its use should be monitored to make sure it doesn't go to waste. If you come across any leaks or want advice on how to save water (and your bills!) please use the links and contact numbers below.

South East Water Leak Reporting: 0333 000 3330
Southern Water Leakline: 0800 820 999


The Water Conservation Guide https://www.thehubpost.com/the-water-conservation-guide/

Water Conservation Tips https://www.publicrecordsreviews.com/education-center/water-conservation-tips

Mid Sussex District Council logo

Refuse collection and Recycling is looked after in our
Parish by Mid Sussex District Council.

Every household has two wheeled bins:

One bin will be grey with a blue lid –
for recycling
One bin will be grey with a grey lid –
for land fill

To find out when your bins are scheduled for collection you can enter your postcode here: Bin Collection Dates

Mobile Refuse Freighter Service
The mobile refuse freighter service which visits set areas in the Parish to collect larger items for those that may not be able to gain access to other rubbish disposal methods. This is paid for by the Parish and the dates for this service can be found by clicking here

The following information can be found on MSCD website, however we have included the main points below.

Bins need to be available for collection from 7am.

What can you put in your bins?

Recycling bin (blue lid):

  • Plastic bottles (only bottles - no cartons/ punnets/ yoghurt pots etc)
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Food and drink cans
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Cartons
  • Foil and foil containers
Please ignore the triangular recycling sign on items; although your item maybe recyclable, Mid Sussex can only take the items listed above.

The items often found in recycling bins that cause the most problems that they are not able to recycle are:
  • Rubbish and food
  • Other plastic containers (including plastic bags)
  • Any other glass and crockery
Please put these items in your Grey Lidded Landfill Bin.

If you are unsure what you can recycle please look at the Refuse and Recycling Service Leaflet and flyer or contact the MSDC Refuse and Recycling Team.

All material for recycling should be clean, dry and loose (not in bags).

Landfill bin (grey lid):

Anything else EXCEPT:
  • Clinical waste
  • Garden waste
  • Electrical goods
  • Large items of household waste.
Chargeable collections of bulky household waste are available from MSDC.

Local Bring Sites and Household Waste Recycling Sites (Civic Amenity Sites) are also available. Please consult Mid Sussex District Council's website for more information.

Garden Waste
The 1999 EU Landfill Directive requires that the UK reduces the amount of biodegradable waste going to landfill by 75% o 1995 level by 2010 and 35% b 2020. Garden waste is organic and therefore biodegradable and decays in landfill sites to produce methane a potent greenhouse gas which is contributing to climate change. MSDC therefore do not accept garden waste in landfill bins but instead encourage people to compost at home or to subscribe to their Garden Waste collection Service.