Refuse Freighter Dates

These collections are split between the four villages. Please click here for dates and more information. 

When disposing of your waste using this service please remember the following:

The mobile waste collections we arrange for Town & Parishes can take most things except for:

- Electrical items (regulations require that these are not sent to landfill)

- Large amounts of rubble / stone etc (can damage the freighter and should also not be sent to landfill)

- Paint / hazardous chemical / engine oil (can leak from the freighter onto the road)

- Garden waste – we will accept small amounts but again legally we are no longer meant to send garden waste to landfill (it rots anaerobically in landfill producing methane, a serious greenhouse gas, which can be avoided if it is composted). If crews report that collections are presenting a lot of garden waste we will consider supplying an additional freighter just for garden waste.

Otherwise we can take most things, but would encourage people to see if they can recycle first.

Thank you