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Unauthorised Traveller Encampment

Unauthorised Traveller Encampment 

16th April 2021 21.00

The encampment have vacated and the gate has been secured. As stated extra measures are being put in place to reinforce security in the vicinity.  We would like thank those that have helped us to do this at such short notice.

We will inspect the Recreation Ground tomorrow and ask that you are cautious when letting your dogs or Children run free until we have completed our inspections and any tidy up required, we do not know what condition the ground has been left in, so please take this as a warning. 

We must also advise you that as it is HRH Duke of Edinburgh funeral this weekend we may not be able to get the teams on site until Monday, but will try to get this done ASAP. Please be bear with us. 

Thank you 

16th April 2021 18.58pm

The Police have advised that there will be extra Patrols in the area over the weekend.

16th April 2021 2.00pm

As of this morning at 10.00am the encampment was served with a notice to leave by the WSCC Agents and have been given 24 hours to vacate. The Council have been advised that these can be ignored and further action may be required to remove the encampment from the Land.

We have informed the authorities that the Primary and Preschool return on Monday after Easter break as they are situated in close proximity to both. We have also cancelled all recreational activities planned over the weekend. We have reported that some members of the village are staying away from the recreation ground at this time, so are unable to take part in their planned activities, exercise etc, which adds to our concerns during this time. 

The Council will need to decide what further actions maybe required in relocating the encampment. To date we have worked with the agencies with costs associated in the region of £500-£1000. Going forward depending on the decisions at Council, this could include disbursements such as court and bailiff fees etc.  

We will post further updates here. Thank you 

15th April 2021 5.45pm

The PC have engaged West Sussex County Council Gypsy & Traveller Team to assist in repatriating the travellers from the Recreation Ground. 

The County Council, as part of a legal agreement acts on behalf of all district and boroughs within West Sussex in dealing with illegal encampments on land owned by them.   

There are protcols that have to be adhered to when moving travellers and we are working through these with both the Police and the County Team. 

We ask that you report any antisocial behaviour to the Police either by calling 101 or via the on line form here.

15th April 2021 6.45am

The Parish Council are aware of the unauthorised Traveller encampment on the Recreation Ground at Handcross and are working with the local authorities to repatriate them to a more suitable location. 

We politely request that residents refrain from engaging with them whilst we resolve this situation. 

The heavy duty chain link that secured the gate was cut to gain access to the Parish Council's land. We would like to assure you that this was secure before access was obtained.

To add to the above we will be investigating further security measures to secure the Recreation Ground should unauthorised access be attempted in the future. 

We will inspect the grounds once they have been removed and look at clearance/tidy up works required in accordance with COVID requirements. 

Please copy this to us via the CONTACT US form with your Police reference number and we will keep a register for the County Team also. 

We have monitored social media feedback and expressed your concerns to the authorities that are assisting us, we hope to have this resolved as quickly as we can.

As mentioned we will be looking to clean up as necessary once they have been relocated. We ask that you are patient and work with us until our teams can get onto the site.  

Council Notice - Unauthorised Traveller Encampment 14th April 2021 10.45pm